Blue Marble Week

Blue Marble Week is a monthly series of events featuring the brightest minds in space infrastructure development.

Foundation for The Future (F4F)

The Foundation for the Future is an education and advocacy non-profit dedicated to advancing the space economy by developing critical infrastructure to enable it, investment tools to finance it, and a workforce to power it.

Gaaays in Spaaace

GAAAYS IN SPAAACE (GIS) is an official 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization dedicated to promoting the importance of LGBTQ+ inclusion in both science fiction storytelling and real-life sciences as well!

LifeBoat Foundation

The Lifeboat Foundation is a nonprofit nongovernmental organization dedicated to encouraging scientific advancements while helping humanity survive existential risks and possible misuse of increasingly powerful technologies, including genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and robotics/AI, as we move towards the Singularity.


Realize your dreams of going to space! LifeShip is launching a genetic capsule of Earth to the Moon… and you’re invited to represent humanity. We're making space exploration accessible. Our next capsule has room for 1 million humans. Add your DNA and be part of humanity's future in space.


LiftPort Group is committed to leading the frontier of human expansion into space. Our project has been in development for almost two decades and has evolved from the original project of an Earth Elevator, into our main focus now, the Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure. Our concept is to create a permanent system on the Moon that is reusable, replaceable and expandable, to open up the resources present on the Moon, expand our presence in space, and improve life here on Earth.

Mars Talk

MarsTalk is a series of educational videos, launched in August 2020, as a part of the Mars Society’s Education and Outreach Division.

Multiplanetary Society

Space 4 All

My mission is to bring global space to everyone and inspire all learners with around the world space programs and education.

Space Hero

Space Hero is the new frontier for the entertainment sector, offering the first-ever truly off-planet experience. We aim to reinvent the reality TV category by creating a multi-channel experience that offers the biggest prize ever, to the biggest audience possible. Space Hero is about opening space up to everyone – not only to astronauts and billionaires.

Spaceborn United

SpaceBorn United is the first bio-tech and mission development company that will safe-guard human ‘Seeds-of-Life’ in space by 2021, make conception in space feasible by 2023 and enable real human birth in space by 2028.

Stella Tech

Stella Tech is a space-earth energy solutions provider. We are focused on developing extra-planetary energy solutions with aim to tackle the growing global energy crisis.

Sunhaven Research Group S.M.A.R.T (SRGSMART)

We build innovation schools in the developing world, produce meaningful media, and create opportunities for those who have little.

Tau Zero Foundation

A coalition of researchers, educators, makers, and visionaries who pioneer bridge-building methods, develop solutions, and inspire us all toward interstellar flight.

Vessel Creative Solutions

Vessel and our partner companies are able to offer a "complete solution" from start to finish, from design to CAD drawings, installation of decor, all areas of RGB lighting, technology, marketing strategies and more. Our team & partners come from backgrounds ranging from large size attraction and cinema installation all over the world to the latest technologies in casinos and hotels.

Yuri’s Night

Yuri’s Night is a non-profit organization using the the excitement and inspiration of space as a catalyst for educating and developing the next generation of explorers. We organize events, host projects, and encourage exploring new ideas.