Inara Tabir

CEO (Founder)
Inara has a background in STEM advocacy and in marketing, and blends these two avenues in her role as a connector for Galaxis and our partners. In her free time she enjoys swing jazz and Gaelic language/cultural outreach.


Simply known as Ruckus. He is a computer science student who enjoys big projects, sci-fi, and all things space.

Chris J. Kent

Director of Education
an educator and business professional focused on innovation. My personal mission is building schools in the developing world that create opportunities for students with little. My crew and I teach advanced agronomy, commerce, design, food, robotics, systems, and space: Earth Farms & Space Science. I am reverse engineering the future and looking for anyone else with a passion to do the same. I find bright stars - the future innovators that humanity needs.

Michael T. Mantzke

Director of Innovation Development
Since his youth Michael has maintained a strong passion for technology, innovation, and the impact a simple thought or change in process can have on not only our daily lives, but the future of humanity. During his career Michael used his Engineering and computer science background to drive change & results, in the manufacturing and Global supply chain space. In 2007 Michael founded Global Data Sciences Inc., a business dedicated to strategy and technology consulting.

Ashley Williams

Director of Marketing
No bio.... yet! (Stay tuned)

Kobina Hughes

Head of Legal
Kobina is a lawyer with a first degree in systems engineering and a passion for space technology and the new space economy. He sees the role of space law as crucial to the development of the sector as both enabler and protector of the interests of various stakeholders: “Never has the development of a body of law been more charged than this”. Kobina sees the principle of space for all as paramount and is committed to supporting the more powerful commercial stakeholders achieve constructive engagement with vulnerable communities.‍

Atrayee Basu

Head of Research and Development
Atrayee is an India-born Space Scientist, Physicist, Space Educator, Mentor and an Entrepreneur. Her qualifications bag double post-graduations in Physics and Space Exploration Systems respectively. She is currently involved with various space R&D projects and acting as a futurist to set human footprints beyond Earth.